• Dance Cube 2
Dance Cube 2 

Necessary flourishing machine, quickly gathers popularity!

Size: L380*W150*H265cm                      Power: 700W

Age: Above 10 years of age                  Players: 1-2 players

Reward: NO                                         Colour: Colourful

Material: Metals and Plastics                 Weight: 550KG

Type: Arcade Machine, Video Game, Coin Operated Game, Indoor Sports Game, Parent-Child Game, Playground Game, Amusement Park Machine, Leisure Game, Entertainment Machine, Play Equipment, Education Game

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Necessary flourishing machine, quickly gathers popularity!

Application Fields

1. Indoor: Arcade, Game Center, Shopping Mall, Supermarket, Gymnasiumetc.

2. Outside: Playground, Park, CarnivalSnack Bar, etc.

3. Recreation & Leisure Center: KTV, CinemaHotel, Ballroom, Club, Pub, Bar, Gym CentreBowling Room, Golf CourseBilliards Room, etc.

4. Education: Parent-Child Paradise, Gymnasium, LibrarySchooletc.

5. Waiting Room: Airport, Hotel , Hospital, Restaurantetc.

 Features & Advantages 

1) Refreshing atmosphere of music, easily to be the focus.

2) Network connected, ranking in nationwide, share the joy with other winners.

3) Double HD large screens will broadcast players’ performance, encourage players to show their great performance.

4) Glorious Light-sound system, leads players blend into the powerful music world.

5) Constantly increasing online functions and fan, bring popularity and great benefits for the playgrounds.

6) Colorful and cool shape and shocking sound with strong rhythm make whole body dance with music!

7) Train rhythm sensation and the coordination ability of hand-eye and brain, and improve the body's coordination.

8) Lots of pop music can be chosen and updated continuously.


 How to play

1. Select"single mode" or "competition mode", then choose the cursorspeed, difficulty and songs to begin;

2.According to the screen prompts, when the cursors arrive at the button, flapthe corresponding button;

3. Afterthe game, you will get scores and rank.

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