• Dream of Piano
Dream of Piano

Everyone can be a pianist!  Play piano so easy!


Size: L168*W150*H118/168cm              Power: 550W

Age: Adult                                          Players: 1-2 players

Reward: NO                                       Colour: Colourful

Material: Metals and Plastics               Weight: 450KG

Type: Arcade Machine, Video Game, Coin Operated Game, Indoor Sports Game, Parent-Child Game, Playground Game, Amusement Park Machine, Leisure Game, Entertainment Machine, Play Equipment, Education Game

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 Necessary flourishing machine, quickly gathers popularity! 


 Application Fields  

1. Indoor: Arcade, Game Center, Shopping Mall, Supermarket, Gymnasium, etc.

2. Outside: Playground, Park, Carnival, Snack Bar, etc.

3. Recreation & Leisure Center: KTV, Cinema, Hotel, Ballroom, Club, Pub, Bar, Gym Centre, Bowling Room, Golf Course, Billiards Room, etc.

4. Education: Parent-Child Paradise, Gymnasium, Library, School, etc.

5. Waiting Room: Airport, Hotel, Hospital, Restaurant, etc.

 Everyone can be a pianist!  Play piano so easy!

Play piano freely with several game modes!


 Features & Advantages

1. Particular appearance is romantic and colorful, greatly promoting the grade of playground!

2. A lot of music can be chosen at will. It is easy to play and everyone can become a pianist.

3. Use excellent Vsti audio sounds that come from the world's famous piano!

4. Professional electric piano keyboards touch exquisite and real.

5. You can also elect the music’s speed and keyboards’ number. Anyone can play a whole melody.

6. Supports single or 2-player to play piano. It has competition, single challenge and personalization mode.

7. Pop songs can be updated continuously, making piano popular forever!


 How to play

1. Choose the game mode about personal, single or double players, then choose music and select the speed and keyboards 

2. According to the screen tips, play the keyboards when they fall on the line on the bottom of screen;

3. Of course, if you are able to play piano well, you can choose the personal mode to play piano freely.

4. After game is over, you can get scores and ranking.

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