• Deep-Sea Fishing

 Deep-Sea Fishing 

Necessary flourishing machine, quickly gathers popularity!


Size: L450/750/1040*W300*H380cm              Power: 600/1000/1500W

Age: Above 5 years of age                     Players: 1-6/10/14 players

Reward: Tickets                                      Colour: Colourful

Material: Metals and Plastics                   Weight: 400/700/900KG

Type: Arcade Machine, Video Game, Coin Operated Game, Indoor Sports Game, Parent-Child Game, Playground Game, Amusement Park Machine, Leisure Game, Entertainment Machine, Play Equipment, Education Game

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 Necessary flourishing machine, quickly gathers popularity!


 Features & Advantages

 Huge screen and shock sound!  We are focusing on “different”! 

1) Breaking traditional business! Huge screen and shock sound quickly gather all eyes, greatly promote player’s experiences.

2) Near focal and high light projector makes playground more flexible.

3) All kinds of games and unique “Supercroc” give you more interactive and exciting feelings.

 Application Fields

1. Indoor: Arcade, Game Center, Shopping Mall, Supermarket, Gymnasium, etc.

2. Outside: Playground, Park, Carnival, Snack Bar, etc.

3. Recreation & Leisure Center: KTV, Cinema, Hotel, Ballroom, Club, Pub, Bar, Gym Centre, Bowling Room, Golf Course, Billiards Room, etc.

4. Education: Parent-Child Paradise, Gymnasium, Library, School, etc.

5. Waiting Room: Airport, Hotel, Hospital, Restaurant, etc.

 Many wonderful games

More and more games will be updated continually to keep up with the market.


Touch screen and control system by Android iPad can help you easily manage game.

 Decorate freely, make your own style

 How to play

1. Aim at the fish you want, then throw the simulate fishhook.

2. Move left or right to adjust the fishhook’ location, then wait for fish biting fishhook.

3. When fish bite your fishhook, the handle will shake to warn you to shake handle or pull fish back.

  At the same time, you can press the button on the handle to shock fish by electricity.

4. After fish is pulled back to your basket, you can get some scores or tickets according to your system setting.

5. In golden fishing game, you can just press the button on the handle to gun fish.

6. You can also choose different fishhooks. Bigger fishhook means bigger strength.

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