• Lucky Monopoly

 Lucky Monopoly 

 Original machine, high yields

Size: L120/130*W120*H230cm(1/2P)


Age: Above 3 years of age                  Players: 1-2 players

Reward: Tickets                                  Colour: Colourful

Material: Metals and Plastics                Weight: 150/180KG

Type: Arcade Machine, Video Game, Coin Operated Game, Indoor Sports Game, Parent-Child Game, Playground Game, Amusement Park Machine, Leisure Game, Entertainment Machine, Play Equipment, Education Game

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 Lucky Monopoly 

 Original machine, high profits!


 Application Fields

1. Indoor: Arcade, Game Center, Shopping Mall, Supermarket, Gymnasium, etc.

2. Outside: Playground, Park, Carnival, Snack Bar, etc.

3. Recreation & Leisure Center: KTV, Cinema, Hotel, Ballroom, Club, Pub, Gym Centre, Bowling Room, etc.

4. Education: Parent-Child Paradise, Gymnasium, Library, School, etc.

5. Waiting Room: Airport, Hotel, Hospital, Restaurant, etc.

 Features & Advantages

1. Simple balls game, play so easy and happy;

2. Colorful and palatial appearance greatly catches players' eyes;

3. Changeable scores and multiple rewards encourage people play more and more;

4. Super star product with high yields, testing in many game centers, can earn about 20000 coins each month.


 How to play?

1. Insert coins to get balls;

2. Try to popup ball into the pathway to get the highest score;

3. If get over 10 scores, the expression turnplate will turn.

If get a laugh expression, will turn on a light;

If get a cry expression, will turn off a light;

If get a daze expression, turnplate will not change;

4. Players have chance to get the JP prize when all lights turn on.

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